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Spiritual Psychotherapy

Spiritual Psychotherapy and Multidimensional Counseling

You enter traditional psychotherapy to deal with life issues through the perspective of your mundane world. On the other hand, you enter Spiritual Psychotherapy to deal with life issues through the perspective of your spiritual world. You will likely leave traditional counseling when your presenting issues are solved. On the other hand, some of you may remain in counseling to do deeper work and to enhance your connection to Spirit. Hence, Spiritual Psychotherapy begins were traditional psychotherapy ends.

Spiritual counseling focuses on going within yourself to hear the Inner Voice as a precursor to decision-making and resolution of life issues. The basis of this approach is that you are not a physical being having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a physical experience. Hence, all your physical experiences are a component of your Soul’s primary intention, to remember your true Multidimensional Soul/SELF. From the perspective of your Soul/SELF, Earth is a schoolroom and all your lessons are to assist you in remembering your true SELF and why you chose to be born.

Dream analysis, meditation training for consciousness expansion and integration of your Multidimensional SELF, is used to awaken your full potential so that you can be your SELF in everyday life. If you have had spiritual experiences that you can’t completely understand or integrate into your life, spiritual counseling will assist you in communing with your SELF to receive its unconditional love and wisdom. Your Multidimensional SELF will also assist you to better live from the Core of your true being.

As you develop an intimate relationship with your SELF, your relationships with others will transform. Once you learn to recognize the energy patterns within, you will see how you are creating your reality through projecting these energies into your external reality. You will also realize how “others” mirror your energy back to you. Hypnotherapy and astrological counseling may also be used to uncover latent abilities and talents, which will help you with your intra- and inter-personal relationships.

Finding, accepting, integrating and projecting the unconditional love that forever Flows from the ONE allows you to create a reality filled with unconditional love. However, as you activate your expanded perceptions, the barrage of fear from the physical world can threaten to lower your consciousness and amplify your own hidden fears. Therefore, it is vital to know your own emotions, so that you can differentiate between what is coming from you from what is coming from another. When you are empathic, you feel other people’s emotions inside yourself. Unreleased fear will lower your consciousness and shut you off from your inner guidance. Therefore, learning to own and heal your own fear is an important part of awakening your expanded perceptions.

The key to spiritual counseling, as well as to all life, is to bask in the unconditional love of the ONE. To live in this fashion, you must learn mastery of your thoughts and emotions. This mastery by listening to your inner world, accepting the messages, transmuting and choosing to replace fearful thoughts with thoughts of unconditional love and gratitude and healing and releasing fearful emotions. Learning to be the Master of Energy is a large component of spiritual counseling.

Spiritual Psychotherapy is much a graduate school for traditional psychotherapy. However, your inner darkness is always with you while you have a third dimensional body. Even after you clear out your aura from your life so far, new fears threaten to invade your consciousness. Just about the time you think you have that handled, past lives/alternate realities will come to the surface to also be healed. Furthermore, as an Awakened One, you may be called upon to recognize and transmute collective and planetary darkness. It takes great courage to be your SELF in the midst of daily life, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

The Spiritual Path is steep, but with every step, your ability to experience unconditional love and joy increases exponentially.

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