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Multidimensional Counseling

Spiritual Psychotherapy and Multidimensional Counseling

The Suzanne Lie PhD site presents a psychotherapy, which is based on the practical aspects of awakening to and embracing the joys and challenges of daily life in our new multidimensional reality

multidimensional counseling with Suzanne Lie PhD MULTIDIMENSIONAL COUNSELING

There are many dimensions to our character. We are the sum/total of everyone we have ever been. Hence, inside we are children, teens, adults, friends, lovers, parents and wives or husbands. Also, we usually behave differently with different people. There is the person we are with our close friends and with more distant friends, the person we are in our intimate relationships, the person we are with our family, the person we are at work, and many, many more.

We are many people in our consciousness and in our body. In fact, we are like a “town.” In this town, WE are all the people, and WE are the Mayor. Our job as Mayor is to find a way to listen to all of our “constituents,” assist them in solving their problems and enforce a strong, caring “arm of the law” if any one’s actions endanger the other members of the town.

The Mayor is elected by the majority vote. Hence, if our town has a majority of wounded children, victims and irresponsible adults, the citizens would likely elect a Mayor of that same character. In this case, the town would not be a very pleasant place. On the other hand, if our town were primarily comprised of self-realized adults, a self-realized Mayor would likely be elected, and our town would be a much happier place to live.

Third Dimensional Ego/Self

The Mayor is representative of the majority of the citizens of the town. Our life experiences have created wounded children and self-realized adults, as well as everything in-between. These portions of our self represent our unconscious and conscious third dimensional ego/self. Counseling can be helpful in finding and/or creating our self-realized adult. This adult can then heal the wounded parts of our self so that we can create a happier, more fulfilling life.

Dimensions are a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. For more information about dimensions and multidimensional consciousness, please click:

Becoming a “good Mayor” of our third dimensional life precedes venturing into our higher dimensional self. Conversely, our higher self can greatly assist us in healing our wounded selves, as well as placing our strongest self in charge of our “town.” Initially, our higher dimensional self is usually our fourth dimensional self. The fourth dimension is our “aura,” which is one octave in frequency above our physical, third dimensional self.

Lower Fourth Dimensional Wounded/Self

The fourth dimension is similar to a pond, with the bottom of the pond being closest to the physical realm. The highest frequency of the fourth dimension is similar to the top of the pond, which is illuminated by the light of the fifth dimension. All the unresolved traumas, fears, conflicts and wounds of our third dimensional life are archived in the bottom of this fourth dimensional pond, which is usually our Unconscious.

These archived memories and emotions have direct access to our physical body and unconscious behavior. If these secrets are not brought into our awareness to be healed and released, they can cause great problems. Most of our behavior is directed by our Unconscious, as it takes too much energy to think about all our physical reactions and facial expressions.

These unconscious reactions leak into our daily life from the archives at the bottom of the fourth dimensional pond to reveal our true feelings. The other problem that our fourth dimensional archives can cause is illness, or injury. We like to think that our emotions are “in our mind.” In reality, our emotions are largely the hormonal responses of our ductless glands, our endocrine system that spreads our emotions throughout our entire body. If the emotion is of joy or love, our body feels calm and peaceful. On the other hand, if the emotion is fear, anger or sorrow, our body feels nervous, tense or depressed.

If we ignore the messages that our emotions communicate to us via our body, the stress on our immune system, muscles and concentration can cause us to get injured or become ill. These “accidents” or illnesses are the only avenue left for our emotions to communicate with us. In actuality, our emotions are like the symbols on dashboard of our car. If we see the “service engine soon” warning and go to the mechanic, there will likely be no problem. However, if we ignore the blinking red light, the damage will become much greater. Our emotions will be expressed, whether or not we are “in control” of that expression. In other words, if we listen to the whisper, we don’t need to suffer the pain of the shout.

Therefore, we need to check the messages from our unconscious self, attend to what is necessary, then “empty the trash.” We can’t always consciously register uncomfortable emotions, as we need to DO LIFE. Therefore, we often ignore our messages until they show up in our bodies. This process is similar to “getting the mail.” How often do we “temporarily” put the mail somewhere until we can get to it? We don’t want to throw it away, as there may be something we want to keep. However, if we don’t get to it, eventually, there is a huge pile of mail on the table. Hence, we need to look at our mail (emotions) as soon as possible. In this way, we can instantly recognize what needs to be released, what needs to be processed and what needs to be enjoyed.

How often have we allowed our stress to build up until we are unpleasant to be around, exhausted or sick? At those times, we may wonder why we feel depressed or lonely, or feel like no one cares. Similarly, how often have we allowed our child’s smile, a beautiful day, a warm hello from a friend or a new opportunity to have some fun go unnoticed? When we become “unconscious” about the world around us, we also miss many great opportunities for love and happiness.

Highest Fourth Dimensional Spirit/Self

Once we learn to be a good Mayor we remember to consciously register our reactions to what is happening in our reality, send out the appropriate pardons and take care of the weak, our town/consciousness expands. At this point, we begin to receive messages from our highest fourth dimensional expression of SELF—known as our I AM Presence. We then realize that our wounded child, depressed teen and victimized adult have really been holding us back. This is when the fun starts, as our I AM Presences begins to awaken our desire to be more creative, enjoy life and express our purpose. Most children stay in touch with their I AM Presence until they are teens or suffer a traumatic event. This “loss of innocence” often creates a deep sense of sadness and loneliness, as if we have lost our best friend. In fact, we have.

Fortunately, with the clutter of our daily lives somewhat managed and our re-connection to our I AM Presence, we can go inside to do some really deep work. This work could not be done before, as without the guidance and comfort of this spiritual presence, it would be too difficult to enter the dark waters of our deepest unconscious. Also, the promise of fun, creativity, joy and purpose spur us on. This is the point where the real multidimensional counseling begins.

This counseling is multidimensional because our higher fourth dimensional Spirit/Self reveals higher and higher expressions of our Multidimensional SELF, which raises our self-esteem enough that we can go deeper and deeper into the old, archived files of our unconscious ego/self. However, once these old issues are released from our unconscious mind, we must also release them from our body. Hence, we work multidimensionally to clear our third dimensional body at the same time that we release archived emotions from the depths of our fourth dimensional archives.

Our highest Spirit/Self serves as a buoy at the top of our fourth dimensional pond to love and encourage our wounded ego/self in the dark waters of the lower, fourth dimension. Many of us have managed to stay connected with our Spirit and have greatly benefited from that love and guidance. However, one of the components of walking the Spiritual Path is “The Dark Night of the Soul.” This Dark Night is when a life challenge is so difficult or disappointing that we temporarily lose our connection to Spirit. Without the inner voice of our Spirit, we feel as though we are alone and abandoned in a hostile world.

We have chosen to enter the experience of being an individual on third dimensional Earth. A component of this process is to experience feeling totally alone within our individuality during some of our greatest initiations so that we can learn to “do it our self.” This Dark Night is extremely difficult, but it is when we realize and understand that WE are the creators of our reality; and the only way that WE can fully awaken from our darkness is to find and OWN our inner light. It is during these times, as we may have more than one Dark Night, that we grow into our adult Multidimensional SELF.

Fifth Dimensional Soul/SELF

As we progress in our awakening to our SELF, we regain our connection to Spirit. Through awakening as adults after our Dark Night, we realize that our Spirit is not “up in Heaven,” but within our SELF. At this point, our consciousness greatly expands beyond the surface of our fourth dimensional pond and into the light of the fifth dimension, which has always shown upon us. We are then ready to initiate an intimate relationship with the higher dimensional expressions of our Multidimensional SELF who resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Once this relationship is formed we can begin downloading, integrating and expressing our Multidimensional SELF in our everyday life. This expression of total SELF is a dynamic process, for there is no completion, or beginning, with an infinite process. All of us are magnificent, Multidimensional Beings of great wisdom, power and love. However, when we took on a third dimensional body most of us forgot our SELF in the higher dimensions.

When we gain more and more mastery of our daily reality, in other words mastery of our thoughts and emotions that create our everyday life, we can begin to use our great POWER to create a life that we LOVE. We also accept that along the way there will be initiations, life challenges, so that we can expand our WISDOM. This expanded wisdom allows us to look around to see how we can share our SELF with others and contribute to the joint reality we are ALL creating.

The process of creating our reality is good, bad and everything in-between, but it steadily advances us into higher and higher expressions of our SELF in our daily life. Also, the more we expand our consciousness into our higher dimensional SELF, the more we become aware of our third, second and first dimensional SELF, as well as our connection to the Quantum Realities. Therefore, the higher up we go to BE our SELF, the further we can go into our human self to heal not only our present life, but also our “past lives” and alternate realities.

Our consciousness is like an ever-expanding garden. Even after we have cleared all the weeds, fertilized the soil and planted new and healthy plants, we must constantly tend it with loving care.

If you feel you feel you need a little help along the way, please contact me at:

310 540-1313

My journey has been documented in great detail—and continues—at written under the pen name of Suzan Caroll.

I am available for counseling in person (I am located in Santa Monica and Redondo Beach) or the phone. Through my website, I have communicated with awakening ones all over the world. We are fortunate to be alive in this time of great transition. However, it is during these changes that we may need to seek counsel.

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